User policy and system requirment 1.Email Support 2.Cancellation And Refund Policy 3.Remote support terms and condition 4.System requirment 5.Installation process 6.Uninstallation process 7.Fees and charges associated with support and maintenance: 8.Password and activation code policy for our software 9.Terms Of Service and EULA(End User Licence Agreement) Email Support
A. All technical support which include userid reset, system shifts, technical query to understand tool, trade related email query will be attended by us only through email. B. It takes maximum 48 working hours to attend the email query. C. Our support desk operates between 10:30AM to 5:00PM, from monday to friday(SAT 10:30AM-12:00PM).
Cancellation And Refund Policy
A. Goods or Service once sold is not exchangable and no cash refund will be issed for the same. B. Softwares, books, DVDs once sold are not exchangeable. However if the said product is damaged or not functioning or any page is missing from the book or having any serious manufacturing defect then we will exchange the goods with the new one. However you need to send the defective goods to us to get it exchanged. If the same is being damaged with human in intervention (like burnt, scribbled, scratched …etc) from buyers end then it will not be exchanged with the new one. only manufacturing default items and transit default items will be exchanged. C. If the software does not work due to addition of any antivirus in the system or any internet service provider which block our software server connectivity, then no refund will be issued. However, within 7 days of purchase if your antivirus or ISP does not support our software we will issue the refund. D. Smart finance Reserve all the rights to change, modify the above mentioned policy at any time.
Remote support terms and condition
1. The remote support will be given only in working days. Week days’ support time 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 2. To get the remote support, user id reset etc the user need to fix the appointment by sending the email to our support email id and get a conformation for the same. The user need to have the TeamViewer(version 11 & above) remote support software in the system. We are not using any other remote support software other than team viewer. 3. The user need to give a call to support desk on the appointed time to get the work done. 4. The no of FREE remote support limited 3 times in a year post which it will be charged Rs200 per support. 5. Other than our software issue we will not attend any other configuration issue related to the system such as service pack update, file cleaning, antivirus enabling and disabling etc. 6. Users need to interact with our support engineers in decent and cordial manner. Use of Filthy, foul language, racial abuse etc will be consider as a breach of user policy. In this situation, our management will discontinue all the service given to you with immediate effect and no refund will be given. 7. All the support related chat and calls will be recorded from our end to serve you better.
Minimum System requirement for Smart Finance software
A.Operating System : Windows based(Windows 8 and above). B.Browser : Internet explorer (Version 9 or above). C.Framework : .Net framework 4.6 and windows installer 3.1 . D.Resolution : 1024X768(px) screen resolution. In mini net books a part of the software operational windows will not be visible. E.Android : Mobile supports android (Version 5.0 and above).For android tablet our software won't support. If your system running on any third party antivirus except microsoft windows defender, means our software won't work.
Installation process
A. Save email containing software Download link, userid and password provided initially at your own risk, same will not be issued again. B. The software will be provided to the buyer through ftp link to download. The buyer need to double click on the *.msi file to start the installation and the installer will automatically verify the .net compatibility and guide you through out the installation. C. The userid is unique for buyers’ computer and it will not work on any other computer other than the system for which the installation initiated. Refer the password policy section to learn more about the activation code. D. Post installation the buyer will be provided with unique user id and password to access automatic data service.
Uninstallation process
To uninstall the application completely, from the system, go to control panel, under add -OR- remove programs. You'll find our software with Smart finance as publisher information. Select the applications and click on uninstall to remove the applications.
Fees and charges associated with support and maintenance:
A.All data automated software buyer will be charged Rs 3500 per year as annual maintenance cost. This cost may change on year on year basis. B.Shifting the software from one computer to other computer will cost you Rs 500. C.Yearly three-team viewer remote supports will be given to the buyer to solve installation issues. Then after each additional remote support will be charged Rs 200.
Password and activation/Deactivation code policy for our software
1.For one product or package bought in the name of a single buyer only one password will be issued and the password will work in one computer only 2.Password once issued for one computer can not be cancelled and user need to buy additional licence for new system. 3.Password will be issued only through the e-mail by submitting the following information A.machine id generated by our software B. date of purchase C. buyers name D. software name e. payment transaction id 4.All buyers need to activate the software within one week of purchase . no password will be issued if the buyer asked for the same after 1 month of purchase 5.Once the password is issued ,it is at the user's risk to preserve the password for future use. Same will not be done by us 6.If the buyer replaces any major Hardware component of the computer then it will be considered as a new machine for which the buyer need to purchase a new licence for softwares. 7. Activation of software requires maximum time of 24 hours. 8. Any Misbehaviour, MisConduct, use of faul language through email or verbal on TelePhone with our support executives, will be considered as an offence in these situation,All our Product and Service will be deactivated for the concern user.
Terms Of Service and EULA(End User Licence Agreement)
Download the complete end user licence agreement(EUL) of the software. To get the user id and password to access the software you need to submit your name, contact number by email. Your Contact information will not be shared or selled to any one for commercial use. Applications Will Not Change In Any Computer Settings Application Will Display at Taskbar at Run Time Support will only be provided through Emails. Our Application will not collect any personal information About the User during run time. Refer our privacy policy from the following link