Learn W.D.Gann Time Analysis: Forecast Trend change Dates, Market Top ,Market Bottom.
Camarilla Calculator




Open Price
High Price
Low Price
Close Price

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L 1 = 0 H 1 = 0
L 2 = 0 H 2 = 0
L 3 = 0 H 3 = 0
L 4= 0 H 4= 0
L 5 = 0 H 5 = 0
L 6 = 0 H 6 = 0


If Price hit the H3 or L3 then open the trade against the trend. with stop loss H4 or L4. If Price hit the H4 or L4 then open the trade in the direction of the trend. with stop loss H3 or L3. better approch will be apply the volatility method or Gann mid point method to identify the trend then use camarilla method for better success post your views to admin@smartfinancein.com to improve this tool

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